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This nursery started during quarantine when we were home 24/7 and decided to get to it because it was going to be a DIY situation and we all know how those DIY project take way longer to do. I’m so grateful we were a able to do it during my 2nd trimester when I was […]



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I’m still in shock weeks later. I honestly cannot believe that I am writing this… We are having a DAUGHTER! We felt so strongly that it was a girl. Andrew kept saying “she” or “her” whenever he would talk about our baby, I would reply Andrew what if it’s a boy? He’s like I know, […]

Entertaining, Food, Pregnancy

Gender Reveal

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I cleaned up Christmas and went to straight into Valentine’s Day. I decided to start with the bar cart. As you know I don’t drink so I turned my bar cart into a soda/candy cart. It’s so fun to make and I’m going to show you how. You’re going to need jars with lids I […]

Entertaining, Food, Holidays

Valentine’s Bar Cart

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You guys, just buy a kit. Okay seriously thought who has time to make gingerbread and buy all the candy and make the frosting glue. NO ONE! This is the busiest time of year, save yourself and buy the kit. We got ours at Target and Homegoods this year. I’ve been having so much fun […]

Food, Holidays

Gingerbread House

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I saw this peppermint white chocolate popcorn in all the stores and it’s not cheap and you don’t get very much in a bag, so I thought “I can make that!”. Do you ever do that? I say DIY it when you can, ya know? I’ve been loving putting these in a little ramekin on […]

Entertaining, Food, Holidays

Christmas Popcorn

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You’ve seen my Halloween and Thanksgiving boards AND now it’s time for my Christmas board. Drum roll… I know you’re going to ask, “Where is everything from”. So I’m just going to jump right in and tell you: Sprouts and Trader Joe’s. Yup everything in just two stores. Cookies are from Trader Joe’s and gummies […]

Entertaining, Food, Holidays

Christmas Board

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My mom makes a See’s candy fudge every year. Obviously it’s not exactly like what you get in the store, BUT it’s dang close. It’s a hit with my family and think it will be hit with yours. Trust me this recipe makes a ton! I like to break it up into at least 3 […]

Entertaining, Food, Holidays

See’s Candy Fudge

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I updated my bar cart with my friend Brandy. She’s amazing and talented with design so we had some fun at target and trader joe’s buying things to get my bar cart looking festive. I wanted it to be a candy wonderland, Santa’s candy shop, you get what I’m saying? I wanted people to feel […]

Entertaining, Food, Holidays, Uncategorized

Holiday Bar Cart

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This is my annual treat I make for my friends. It’s s classic candy, BUT I put my spin on it with some dried roses and white chocolate drizzle. They go crazy for it and so will your friends! Trust me it’s GOOOOOOOD! Oh, and did I mention it’s only 6 ingredients: 2 tbsp Corn syrup, […]

Food, Holidays, Uncategorized

Almond Roca

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When you get to someones house and you see a basket of goodies on your bed you instantly get so excited? Why is that? Maybe it’t the unexpected surprise. Maybe it’s the fact that some one thought of you. I want my guests to feel thought of when they get to their room with a […]


Guest Basket

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