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I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I’m just that girl that loves LOVE and loves spreading LOVE and loves LOVE stories. (hopeless romantic anyone???) BUT most of all I’ve learned that you have to love one person the most…YOURSELF. As selfish as that sounds. It’s so true. Sooooooo in honor of self-love I’m going to share 5 […]


Self-love on Valentine’s Day!

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It’s my GOLDEN Birthday!!! Turning 30 YEARS OLD on the 30th…  is something to be celebrated. In honor of this day, I’m giving you all 30% off any purchase in my NEW website shop! Yep, you heard me! Use the promo Code “GoldenBirthday” Get to shopping 


Golden Birthday!

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Omgggggosh!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE… The day has come! I finally have a NEW website! I can’t wait for you to see all the exciting new things launching with the site: coaching, workshops, stock photography, presets, courses, the BLOG, and so much more! I’ve put so much hard work into this website relaunch, and I’m so […]


My NEW Website

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Do you want to know what I hear the most when shooting women? “I hate my arms.” My response to them is, of course, “No, you’re beautiful!” But in reality, that doesn’t do much to make anyone feel better. However, if you make sure to wear a top that flatters your arms, you can go […]

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I Hate My Arms.

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