I knew there was more I could do, but I just didn't know what it was! I'd always been interested in photography, but I never thought it could be an actual job because I didn't think anyone would take me seriously. Then one day, I decided to face my fears and pick up the camera, for REAL this time.

Desk jobs are kind of The worst, right? I sat in my cubical knowing That there was more Out there.

Are you dreaming of opening a bakery in Paris, after perfecting your grandmother's chocolate croissant recipe? Are you confident that your business is the greatest thing since Google, and now you're ready to spread the word? Do you love taking pictures and want to turn your passion into a job that'll make some serious money? Here at The Lauren Style, I'll help you take ALL of your dreams to the next level! With my help, you'll grow in all sorts of ways: more followers and clients, better branding imaging, higher goals and dreams, and all of the steps to get you there. It's gonna be great. I can't wait to get started!

 Are you ready for a transformation?

i'm lauren, and I only have one question for you:

As a communications graduate from the University of Oregon, I’m passionate about branding and branding photography, content creation, and entrepreneurial education.

No more excuses. No more reasons not to chase down your dream. My life motto is "Be stronger than your strongest excuse," and when you work with me, that will become your motto, too.  

I'll help you create images that will bring in customers and generate more engagement on your social media platforms, but I'll also inspire you to follow your dream. Let's get to work!

Hundreds (seriously HUNDREDS) of branding shoots later, I’ve developed a strategy that helps brands grow through powerful, beautiful photos. I love teaching entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives how to create content and connect with their audience. 

It actually took me several years to realize that I could turn my love for photography into a real job, but once I did, I never looked back. EVER!! Embracing my passion changed my entire life, and now I wanted to help do the same for a certain special someone out there...YOU.

I'm not your average photographer.

be stronger than your strongest excuse.

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why choose lauren?

I’m an expert in creating content for your social media. With a background in cosmetology, I know the best angles, editing, and styling to help salons and beauty lines thrive through my photography. Food photography is my specialty, and I love styling food that brings your recipes to life. 

"Lauren Is A True Photographic Professional With A Vast Understanding Of Different Styles And Design Context. Our Visual Content Is Such An Important Part Of Our Brand Image And Lauren Always Produces Top Shelf Content In A Timely Manner. We’ve Used Her For Both Branding Photos For Our Website And Marketing Materials As Well As Social Media Content, And We Will Definitely Work With Her In The Future!”
-Citrine Beauty Bar

I grew up in Oregon as one of seven children. I dream of going to cooking school in Paris, I have an English bulldog named Pippa (named after Kate Middleton’s sister, of course!) and I married the boy from my 1st grade class. 

I love creating images for brands and helping make entrepreneur’s dreams come true. 

I love transforming their imagery and seeing the success that follows. 

I love traveling and seeing what others do business. 

I sat at my boss’s desk in shock as the news sunk in: I got let go. Out of nowhere. Why? Where did I go wrong? I had so many questions. I went from being the breadwinner to feeling like a total loser. Luckily, my husband eventually found a job, but I was still searching. Hopeless. I remember the moment I decided that I would never rely on anyone but myself: I was in line at Trader Joe’s swiping my credit card, then my debit card, and both were declined.

I had to leave the cart of food at the store, feeling so embarrassed that I couldn’t pay for my groceries. I cried as I drove home, promising myself I would never feel this way again. I would make my dreams happen. I would create the job I wanted. In that moment I decided that I would do whatever it took to always be able to feed myself and never rely on anyone ever again to buy my groceries. From that moment on, I worked to create the life I wanted and promised to help others to do the same. 

why working for myself & educating others to do the same is so important to me:

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