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  1. Food is just better in Paris. I have food sensitivities and omg you guys never felt sick once and believe me when I say I ate everything. Don’t get me started on the baked goods. Get a macaroon…the big ones with raspberries stuffed in them. Get a chocolate croissant. Get the French soup. Eat as many crepes on every corner if you have to. The Nutella is the best. I’m kinda crying right now thinking of the food, how sad is that?
  2. Fashion is so simple and everything goes. Parisians are just so effortless. It’s all about classic staples. Don’t forget the scarfs when your packing your bags.
  3. Walking around eating at cafes and exploring is more fun then the claustrophobic museums. I’m telling you I could’ve just at those cute cafes all day. All day I tell you. Hearing the waiters accents and watching the people go by. Taking photos of the architecture just made me so happy.
  4. Details are everything. I don’t know what it is, but the details in Paris just makes everything so much special.
  5. When I arrived in Paris, I was SHOOK. Everything was even better than I had dreamed of. I wanted to photograph every corner of Paris. The music, the language, the food, the buildings, the stores, the history, the fashion…I could go on if you can’t tell. It woke me up. I felt alive. I felt inspired. I felt creative. I felt just sooooo happy. I felt home. As cheesy as that sounds. I dream of one day living there, or maybe a workshop, or branding shoot there. I dream of going to culinary school there or maybe just taking baking classes. SOMETHING.

ALSO make sure you set-up a photo shoot while you are there. It’s my most cherished souvenir. I hired Gabi Alves Photography she was amazing and under $300…worth every single penny! It was an anniversary shoot for us so it was even more special.

Some photos from our shoot in Paris.


5 things Paris taught me.

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