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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you hosting? Are you going to friendsgiving this weekend?

I’ve been making these boards on my instagram and people went crazy for them and got me thinking that I need to share more about what I love. I love hosting and love my time in the kitchen. Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of time to whip up recipes as much as I with I had so when I do it’s a real treat.

I have the perfect charcuterie board with my spin on it. It’s beautiful and yummy. I brought it to a friends dinner party and it was a hit. Huge crowd pleaser because there is always something for everyone all on one board. Also I have to mention how FUN they are to put together. First step get a color palette, for examples this is a harvest board so I went with creme, brown, orange. Then looked in my pantry and literally pulled everything out that I already had (told you it’s easy).

Items I used for this Thanksgiving Charcuterie:

Sunflower seeds because it’s such a good quick salty snack from Trader Joe’s

Maple candies because I had some from my trip from Vermont.

Caramel Popcorn because it’s our favorite salty and sweet combo.

Caramel apple because my client makes the best ones in town from Yo Apples.

Pumpkin cookies because they are tiny and cute and have the best fall taste from Trader Joe’s.

Maple cookies we got from Canada, but they sell them at World Market.

Grapes but make sure you get the dark ones I feel like they give more of harvest vibe.

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are my fav treat you can get them in the Winco bull section.

Pumpkin chips are so bomb and of course of Trader Joe’s.

White Oreos are simple and went with the color palette from Target.

One key thing is adding some small bowls or ramekins to help separate things. Also I add harvest wheat at the end and white pumpkins. You want things to layered. You want more then just food for this to be even more visually appealing.

There are so many different boards you can use for this. Here are my favorites.

This is the one I used for this board because it has handles for easy transportation since we were bringing it to dinner party and then the fact that it has a boundaries that keep everything together when carrying it. I didn’t want a flat one for this board if that makes sense: World Market

Last step layer things on top for final touch like these orange chocolate balls from Winco and maple candies from Vermont. 

Here are some fav boards:


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

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