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When you get to someones house and you see a basket of goodies on your bed you instantly get so excited? Why is that? Maybe it’t the unexpected surprise. Maybe it’s the fact that some one thought of you. I want my guests to feel thought of when they get to their room with a custom guest basket made by for them. I gathered some of my essentials to help give them the most comfortable stay possible.

I decided to include a Polaroid because as you know pictures are apart of my life in a huge way. I want to give my gust a tangible keepsake memory to take home with them.

Also included a local soda company and some sparkling water, BUT if you guest is not a soda drinker and more of a wine or beer drinker then go with what their favorite thing is. It will make them feel so special.

I swear by melatonin to help me sleep, especially in new places. Making sure my guests get a good rested night’s sleep is so important. Having this in the basket for them ready to go will help them get those zzzzzz’s you need when traveling.

Also don’t forget essential oils, Thieves is my favorite for keeping away sicknesses when traveling and flying.

Include their favorite chocolates or candy. Once again it’s about the details. Everyone wants a little snack at night right?

My secret to the best sleep of your life…SOUND MACHINE. It’s not just for babies. It helps me sleep soooooo well. I can’t sleep without it. I know my guests will love being able to cancel out all unfamiliar sounds.

Don’t forget a diffuser to make it feel like a spa and a true vacation. No one likes a stinky room, ewwwww gross. So diffuse some oils for them before they get there so they instantly feel like they are in a spa when they walk in.

Travel magazines and local magazines for your guest is just a nice touch.

One last thing, give them your Wifi info right away. We have this sign at the door for them.

Guest Basket

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