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I updated my bar cart with my friend Brandy. She’s amazing and talented with design so we had some fun at target and trader joe’s buying things to get my bar cart looking festive.

I wanted it to be a candy wonderland, Santa’s candy shop, you get what I’m saying? I wanted people to feel like a kid again when they look at it. One thing that I have to note is that I actually don’t drink alcohol sooooo a bar cart is a funny concept in my home. I love the idea of a bar cart,  but when you don’t drink you wonder how you can still make use of one. I’ve always had a soda “bar cart” with some candies on it, but for Christmas I wanted to go crazy with the festive candy. Brandy was totally on board and she agreed to collab on this with me. We had so much fun listening to Christmas music and eating candy.

I have a lot of antiques on this bar cart, but you can still pull a similar look. Here are some tips to shop this bard cart look. If you don’t drink or maybe you do you can 100% pull this off. It’s the perfect cart to add to any party, especially this time of year. You can switch the candy out for different times of the year to go with whatever season. It’s an easy way to switch up your decor.


I took pictures of all the details to show you all the decor up close and personal. So it will be so easy for you to create something very similar in your home. I got almost everything from Target and Trader Joe’s plus antiques I’ve collected over the years.

I got the little scoopers from our trip to Netherlands. You can get them at any cooking store.

The bigger scoopers are from Target.

The big glass candy dishes are from Homegoods. That’s the cheapest and best place to find a variety of sizes.

Wood bowl is from Trader Joe’s, they have them just during the holiday season, so make sure you get them now.

We made the little gingerbread village from a kit at Target. They are harder to make than we thought lol. They don’t look super cute, but hey it was fun activity to do.

The little wreathes were a “maybe not sure about these” kinda of a purchase, but once we got home and putting it together we were like holy crap these are the cutest part! So don’t doubt your gut people.

Big bulbs with battery from target $1 section. SCORE!

Also the garland is from Trader Joes!

Well that’s wrap. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Take this inspo and put your spin on it. I created a shopping list to get you started on your decorating your cart. It’s so fun, your friends and family will love it.

Holiday Bar Cart

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