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You’ve seen my Halloween and Thanksgiving boards AND now it’s time for my Christmas board. Drum roll…

I know you’re going to ask, “Where is everything from”.

So I’m just going to jump right in and tell you:

Sprouts and Trader Joe’s.

Yup everything in just two stores.

Cookies are from Trader Joe’s and gummies are from Sprouts bulk section.

Okay well the little wreaths and ornaments are from Target, but as far as all the treats on this platter board is from Sprouts and Trader Joe’s to make it easy on you this bust time of the year.

Speaking of easy, this board is EASY. It takes no cooking and you can literally pick everything up and make it in 10 minutes. I’m not kidding. You can make it as sweet or savory as you want. This one is obviously a dessert board, but that one is up to whether you’re in charge of an appetizer or dessert. I hope you have fun with this because I sure did.

I actually made this for my Cookbook Club. This month our host decided to just bring whatever you wanted, no book was picked since it’s the crazy time of year. This Christmas board had been in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted it to be red and green.

Just a little pointer, get the start cookies at Trader Joe’s…do this favor for yourself and everyone else partaking of this board. No seriously so surprised how something store bought could be so good.

Also my wood board is amazing for two reasons: it as handles so it’s easy to transport from your house to your party AND it’s about 2 inches deep so things stay put when traveling from place to place. It’s on sale too!

Christmas Board

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