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I saw this peppermint white chocolate popcorn in all the stores and it’s not cheap and you don’t get very much in a bag, so I thought “I can make that!”. Do you ever do that?

I say DIY it when you can, ya know?

I’ve been loving putting these in a little ramekin on a dessert board or platter. Or for a movie night or game night this month. It’s the yummy snack, salty and sweet. Have fun and tag me when you make them.

It’s easy and once again doesn’t take any baking or turning that oven on. WIN!

3 Ingredients:

1 bag melted white chocolate chips 12 ounces

2 bags popcorn or fresh homemade popcorn

4-5 candy canes crushed

Once your popcorn is done lay it out on parchment paper. Then drizzle your white chocolate all over mixing and making sure to coat each popcorn. Then add you crushed candy cane all over.

Tip for crushing your candy canes: put in a plastic ziplock bag, use a mallet or hammer on smashing away on your kitchen floor. It’s a great way to get your anger or stress out haha jk, no but really.

Then mix it all together getting all the crushed candy cane and melted white chocolate coating your popcorn. I use a fork to do this, mixing them.

Just let it sit for 1-2 hours till the chocolate is harden and ready to put in the gallon size ziplock bag. You can store for a few days.

Now for added bonus add these peppermint M&Ms to your popcorn. They are sooooo good. Discovered them this year and wondered where they have been my entire life.


Christmas Popcorn

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