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You guys, just buy a kit. Okay seriously thought who has time to make gingerbread and buy all the candy and make the frosting glue. NO ONE!

This is the busiest time of year, save yourself and buy the kit.

We got ours at Target and Homegoods this year.

I’ve been having so much fun celebrating this month, but at the same time reminding myself to take time to be alone and reflect. The year is coming to an end after all.

I want to make time to do small traditions because it makes a difference. It makes the holidays feel more special. I’ve had years where I work like a dog and have no time to do gingerbread houses or watch movies. Ya know!?

I love quite evenings with a fireside and balsam candle. I need time where I can recharge, especially this time of year when 5 out 7 nights are spent out at social events. Workshops, cookbook club, parties, cookie swaps, gift exchanges, I mean just to name a few that are happening this week.

Long story short, make sure you take time bring some magic into your life this season. Slow down, make the gingerbread houses, turn on your favorite Christmas album or favorite Christmas movie. You have to make time for the small things because otherwise they won’t happen. Put it on the calendar for an evening of childhood traditions.

Spend the $10 and just get the kit, I’m telling you it’s fun at any age.

Merry Christmas!

Gingerbread House

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