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I cleaned up Christmas and went to straight into Valentine’s Day. I decided to start with the bar cart. As you know I don’t drink so I turned my bar cart into a soda/candy cart. It’s so fun to make and I’m going to show you how.

You’re going to need jars with lids I got all of them from Homegoods for less than $10 each. The other ones are vintage from a thrift store for less then $10 as well! Literally these don’t cost much, which is a good thing because you need quite a few to make a big impact.

Also these little gold frame is the PERFECT fit for your photo booth pics. Just cut them up and put them in these little frames around your house and only $3.99 at Homegoods.

I love these scoops so people aren’t sticking their hands in the dishes. You can get them Amazon. They have a ton of options.

Also let’s talk candy. You need a lot of candy and in the same color palette. Which is easy when it’s a holiday, I just went with pink, purples and red obviously to go with the theme. The best places for candy is Winco bulk candy section and Target. Also you can go to specialty stores for more unique candy as well.

This was actually a Valentine’s Day card I got Andrew years ago when we were living in OR. I framed it because I loved it so much.

These lights were in the $3 section at Target.

I mixed up a couple bags of jelly beans.

I dried little roses so that way they would last the entire month, rather than having to get fresh every week. It’s super easy to do, just tie them to a hanger upside down and let them dry out in your closet.

Target came through with the decor, the straws, the garland, the lights, the frames are all from Target.

This pink candle is from Anthro it smells so good, has a spring vibe to it!

I hope you guys get inspired to create your own bar cart for Valentine’s Day. Don’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate.

Valentine’s Bar Cart

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