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I’m still in shock weeks later.

I honestly cannot believe that I am writing this…

We are having a DAUGHTER!

We felt so strongly that it was a girl. Andrew kept saying “she” or “her” whenever he would talk about our baby, I would reply Andrew what if it’s a boy? He’s like I know, I know, I know but I feel like it’s a girl. I felt the same way. All the old wives tales were adding up to be a girl. The heart rate, conception date, ring test, Chinese calendar all were saying girl. In the back of mind I thought could it really be that my intuition is right.

FUN FACT: I find it so crazy that we are having a girl first because my parents and all my siblings and Andrew’s brother have all had girls first. Crazy huh!?

All I wanted for my birthday was to find out the gender. I thought should we just find out the results on my birthday just the two of us? or be surprised with our friends and make my birthday party a gender reveal? I kept going back and forth about what to do for my birthday. I had my big 30th golden birthday the year prior so I wanted a small backyard bbq. I’ve been craving a trip to Hawaii so a luau seemed in order. Some of my favorite food besides Mexican and pizza lol is a Hawaiian lunch plate. YUM!

We decided to make it a surprise gender reveal. We told our friends it was just a bbq birthday and to bring their favorite Hawaiian dish to share. It was so fun seeing them like WHAT!! when they showed up to our gender reveal/birthday party.

We got a cake, macaroons and cookies from Ruze Cake house literally love that place they make things gorgeous and so yummy!!! Best cake, don’t get me started on the fresh strawberries in the cake. Highly recommend them for your next event.

We got our families on FaceTime (thank goodness for technology). It was so funny because of course my family was not answering, there’s like literally so many people in my family and no one would pick up there phones because they were eating…lol wooooow one of the biggest/funnest days of our life and they can’t be bothered to interrupt lunch. Ignore my pregnancy hormones I was starting to get bugged. Then Andrews dad was working even though we told him the time ahead of time, okay once again don’t get me started. Isn’t funny how finding out the gender is such a big deal to you and not to really anyone else. I guess maybe it’s our fault for living away from family and relying on FaceTime.

Their faces are classic:

Here are the videos that our friends were so kind to take for me, lol I literally had a list of of the different things I wanted, slow motion, pictures, haha classic photographer requests.

just reached 14 weeks!
We gave anyone lai if they were team BOY or team GIRL
made Hawaiian fruit bunch.
Ginger Ale, blue Hawaiian bunch and Pineapple Juice mix together.
Garnish with Swedish Fish and an umbrella.
Hawaiian Rolls and guava jam!
We had Hawaiian salad.
Mac Salad.
Pork and teriyaki chicken .
Fruit salad.
It was all so bomb!

This day was so fun, I highly recommend being surprised with your friends and family. It makes it such a celebration. We were both kinda feeling that gender reveals are over done and were thinking of passing on it, BUT so glad we didn’t and finding out for my birthday made my 31st year start off with a bang!

One thing I walked away from that day feeling so happy my intuition was RIGHT, that motherly instinct is maybe kicking in already??

It felt like a sweet gift from God knowing my intuition was right, for someone who struggles with knowing what to do or making the right decisions and all that “follow your gut” stuff always seemed hard for me and I always second guess myself especially when I was younger. I would get so much anxiety about it (in fact Andrew still makes fun of me for how long it takes for me to order food at a restaurant because I get anxiety about whether I’m ordering the right thing lol) , BUT this was the first time I felt like YES I finally got it right. It felt so good and such a relief knowing I wasn’t just making things up in my head.

Moral of the story trust your gut because you know your intuition is right, you just have to brave enough to trust it.

I can’t wait to meet you baby GIRL!

Now the question is what to name her?

Gender Reveal

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