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This nursery started during quarantine when we were home 24/7 and decided to get to it because it was going to be a DIY situation and we all know how those DIY project take way longer to do. I’m so grateful we were a able to do it during my 2nd trimester when I was feeling my “best” and felt well enough to do it.

Things to know about me and what inspire this nursery. When we went to Paris this child boutique we went to literally killed me, every single thing in it was so cute. Then we went to England countryside and once again the little shops just made me take mental notes. Every home was quant and very detail made me feel like I was in a movie. Speaking of movies I’ve been obsessed with Anne of Green Gables since I was 11. I watched it every single night while wearing head gear and dreamed of marrying Gilbert Bylthe. I love period pieces, ya know movies like Pride and Prejudice. Binged The Crown. Anyways you get the picture. Andrew makes fun of me because I like “old fashion movies” whatever that means.

Now that you know my background you understand why I really wanted a English Cottage, French garden…I don’t you let me know what you would call it, that being said here are the photos so you can see for yourself.

All links to items will be at the end of the post.

Just in case you might ask, “Where is this from?”:

Rocking chair is literally the most comfortable we tried out and it’s a recliner PLUS it has a phone charger…just an added plus.

Stuffed Animals, Pillow, Accessories from the best local home decor furniture store that has a kid section that I’ve been dying to shop in and once I got pregnant I couldn’t wait to finally shop all the cute decor.






Book storage




Lemon Hooks

Crib Sheet

Hat, glasses and amazing baby clothes from my favorite local baby boutique

Wallpaper is no longer available

Light Fixture

The nursery took some time, it wasn’t over the weekend or a one stop shop situation. A lot of the accessories I had been saving for a few years whenever we would travel seeing things I just had to have for our future kids. Some things are sentimental passed down, blanket that was mine when I was a baby and Nike’s that were Andrew’s when he was a baby. Little knit sweater that was Andrew’s moms when she was a baby. I love meaningful items so much. I can’t wait for baby girl to come. Any day now…


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