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Do you want to know what I hear the most when shooting women?

“I hate my arms.”

My response to them is, of course, “No, you’re beautiful!” But in reality, that doesn’t do much to make anyone feel better.
However, if you make sure to wear a top that flatters your arms, you can go into a shoot knowing your arms look BOMB. Don’t make the mistake of wearing something that isn’t flattering and then think the photographer will be your personal trainer and fairy godmother and take those arms in. One of the biggest misconceptions about photographers is that everyone thinks they can airbrush every image. Airbrushing is very time-consuming and costly, so save money by buying a top that flatters those arms!
I mean, I get it. I’m not in love with my arms either. That’s the top reason I cover them up (see the photos below for some examples!). A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to feel her best!
For instance take a look at my outfit below for inspo on making your arms look smaller. I make an illusion with my wrap hitting my elbows which is my thinnest part of my arms, right? So I cover the upper arms that are the largest part. Are you getting it now? It’s all an illusion and no need to go photoshop crazy when clothing and posing can do the trick. 
Lauren J I hate my arms
#1 You need to wear long sleeves or wear a sweater
#2 Darker colors or light colors both work. A lot of people thing black always, BUT that’s not always true. If you go monochromatic that can help slim.
#3 Movement, give yourself thinner arms by placing a arm to the side or bending it on your hip. If you hide your arm behind yourself it will look like you have no arms and will push your shoulders forward making your upper body look so much larger. 
Got any great outfit ideas to share? Feel free to share in the comments!

Do you hate your arms?

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